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Bicolor Persians
Healthy & DNA PKD1 Negative

GC, GP, NW Byhishands Lucille Ball
GC, GP, NW Byhishands Lucille Ball
10th Best Cat in Premiership Nationally
2nd Best Cat in Premiership - CFA Region One

Byhishands Cattery - About Us

Byhishands Persian Cattery is a small, hobby cattery of Persian kittens available for showing and as pets that are offered with written health warranty and free pet insurance. Located in southern Pennsylvania, our intention is producing high quality, healthy bicolor Persian kittens capable of successful exhibition at CFA shows. As reputable Persian cat breeders and show persons, we adhere to the CFA Persian Breed standard as it applies to the unique pure bred pedigreed Persian cat. Our commitment to maintaining Persian breed identity and their exclusive physical traits is augmented in membership with the CFA Persian Breed Council and several Persian breed affiliated clubs. We adhere to the CFA "Breeder Code of Ethics".

Professional Cat Exhibitor

Although we have very few litters yearly, our cats and kittens have achieved top placements and world renowned titles including DM, known as the CFA distinguished merit award. Our sincerest gratitude goes to the judges who supported those cats and appreciated our Persian cat breeding program. GP, NW Byhishands Last Chance and GC, GP, NW Byhishands Lucille Ball received the coveted CFA National Win title.

Mentoring new show persons has been one of our foremost goals since our formal cattery establishment with CFA in 1989. Our passion has been shared in coaching novice cat fanciers to become professional cat exhibitors, responsible breeders, and cat ambassadors across the world. If you need assistance as a new exhibitor, we are here to guide you.

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GP, NW Byhishands Last Chance
GP, NW Byhishands Last Chance
17th best Cat in Premiership (Nationally)
5th Best Cat in Premiership - CFA Region One

Persian Kittens

We are sincerely flattered with inquiries from established catteries of all registries including TICA, CFA, FIFE, ACFA, etc. and with the discerning pet owner looking to obtain the best Persian cats available.

Byhishands Persians offers extensive written health warranty, full exam with veterinary signed document, free sixty day pet health insurance, and professional Byhishands pet shipping services. If you are seriously considering sharing your home with a treasurable pet kitten, stunning competitive show cat, or just adding to your breeding program, please contact us with questions and availability status. Contact:

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Member CFA Persian Breed Council

CFA Persian Breed Council Member
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