Persian Kittens Available

Pedigrees and titles from professional show breeders do indeed logically assure better quality Persian kitten litters as parents have met an exacting CFA Persian breed standard and have had intense health screening. Our superior husbandry practices along with selective pedigrees produce competitive kittens able to successfully compete and also be personable additions to any family. We offer our best show babies to other registered show homes on occasion, but prefer to place as altered pets. All are placed with written contract and extensive warranty. Photos of currently available kittens and cats are forwarded upon request. See our Contact page.

CFA Mentorship

CFA offers an official mentorship program. Its purpose is to introduce the new exhibitor to all that is necessary to be prepared and enjoy showing cats. You can be matched with someone in your area who can teach you the basics for preparing your kitten or cat to show. There are several support groups and lists that will assist you in becoming a knowledgeable show person. More information on CFA Mentorship program.

youth feline education program


See CFA Youth Feline Education Program for more information.

What is a Persian Cat?

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A Persian cat is what CFA considers an "established" breed. That means this cat is able to maintain all its unique physical characteristics and personality traits that are so exclusive to this special breed, without crossing or mixing with other breeds. These cats have round bodies, long flowing coats, short ears, and short snub noses that distinguish them from all other breeds of cats. They are excellent with children and other pets, and are extremely affectionate. They usually have a very relaxed mannerism with occasional bursts of playful energy when encouraged. They do require grooming unless shaved. They come in a large variety of colors and combinations. Do familiarize yourself with the idiosyncrasies of the Persian breed prior to committing your love and your home to one.

See CFA Persian Breed Standard for more information

Byhishands Warranty

Byhishands offers a detailed written warranty of health and free replacement in the unlikely event of non-negligent death, as we are more than confident of our cat's health and genetic wellbeing. All are guaranteed DNA PKD negative. As new DNA tests for other genetic maladies are developed, we will responsibly test. Your Byhishands cat will be vet checked and certified prior to sale. You will be required to do an initial new kitten examination by your own vet as well. In event of replacement, several choices will be given in writing and photos will be forwarded for your careful review to assure satisfaction. Both pets and show cats are placed under contract detailing health guarantees. Show kittens placed in show homes will come with assurance of fertility.

Byhishands Pet Shipping

We have our own independent live animal shipping service with CDL drivers who are back ground checked. Due to bad experiences beyond our control, we no longer use non-insured private agents for hand delivery. Your cat or kitten will be prepared for travel and shipping with all medical exams, microchips, vaccines and titers, USDA stamps, special requirements, import approvals and all paper work properly executed to meet requirements of your final destination country and all ports where the cat may layover. We check with both your government and airline to insure all clearances and full compliances. The cat will be made as comfortable as possible in sturdy carriers of adequate size. All cats must be physically approved by buyer prior to shipment. We are experienced worldwide shippers. To schedule, please email us. ( All applicable fees must be rendered several days prior to flight date. No over payment money orders or checks will be accepted. Fees for wire in bank transfers are the responsibility of the new owner.)

Byhishands Pet Shipping for more information

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Byhishands offers references upon request, as well as signature attached, written warranties of health and fertility. Both exhibition and pet cats are placed with contracts providing ample time for review before commitment to purchase. With limited showing, we have helped CFA title nearly one hundred cats, many of which were home bred. We are members of three CFA cat show producing clubs and are active in our membership and participation with the CFA Persian Breed Council and several private Persian clubs and lists. Our cats are closely monitored by the several veterinary practices we use. Cats and kittens are fully vaccinated and receive appropriate testings prior to delivery. We do not offer our cats via newspapers or cheap media and internet gimmicks.

We only place cats with breeding rights on an extremely limited basis to show homes with established show records, websites, and registered cattery names. Byhishands at most, has only one litter a year from each of our four girls. We do not mass produce for profit. Our babies are never put in cages and are well socialized by our family and visitors.

We are a closed Persian cattery, meaning we offer no stud service, co-owns, leases, loans, or trades.

If Byhishands Persian Cattery can assist you in gaining knowledge of the Persian breed or mentor you as a new show exhibitor, please contact us. See our Contact page.

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